First Communion classes (grade 2 or older) run from January to May - same time and place as First Reconciliation classes. The First Communion celebration will take place sometime after Easter. 

We also require that you (the parents) attend an adult class that we have running at the same time. 
Our Sunday School has classes for all ages so all of your children are welcome to attend. We have a supervised preschool area as well. 

The cost for all of our classes (excluding adult classes) is $30 per child with a maximum of $60 per family. This is just to help us cover the cost of our materials. Registration takes place at the first class - to be determined. 
It would be helpful if you could bring a photocopy of your child's baptismal certificate if they were not baptized in Ste. Anne.
(Please don't let the registration fee prevent you from registering. It can be delayed or waived if necessary.)